Close Protection Services, Guarding/Security & Maritime Security Services

It is generally accepted that parts of the world are becoming more dangerous to visit and often as a lone traveler on business or as a small group or with family one is vulnerable to attack both by criminals and or terrorists.

Due to client requirements we have introduced Close Protection, Guarding, Security and Maritime Security Services for example should a client have a requirement to travel to a High Risk Jurisdiction on business to meet important client/s or to visit their business or should you be visiting an area of the world with your family where you have concerns about safety we are able to provide appropriately qualified former Military personnel to accompany you in order to mitigate your exposure to risk.

In addition a number of our clients own and control businesses in frontier markets, which due to the geographic region are potential targets for attack by criminals and or terrorists and place both these business interests and staff in jeopardy, we are able to therefore provide a security blanket of appropriately qualified people from a range of relevant backgrounds including the Military and the Police to provide both short term and long term Guarding and Security Services.

A number of our clients also own or manage sail yachts or motor yachts or commercial vessels and for example in the case of HNW individuals may have their family aboard and simply have concerns for their welfare generally or be concerned about criminal attack when visiting ports or be subject of piracy attack when undertaking voyages or in the case of commercial vessels, which might be carrying high value cargo or be routing via Piracy Risk areas and as such we are able to supply appropriately qualified former Military and Royal Navy personal, and former Royal Marine Commandos to provide appropriate levels of security.