LC is a highly commended former Police Officer having served both in the States of Jersey Police and the London Metropolitan Police and more recently is a former Royal Marine Commando who has served in direct support of the United Kingdom Special Forces in both front line counter terrorism and operational roles.

LC has deployed on operational active service whilst in the Royal Marines throughout the Middle East including Afghanistan, and has also taught various indigenous forces in small team tactics globally.

LC has up to date experience in security training and hostile environments within the commercial sector, working both off of the Somali coast in an armed Piracy Protection role and on land providing Close Protection in Pakistan.

Throughout his Policing career LC worked in conjunction with the National Crime Squad, which is now known as the Serious Organised Crime Agency in the United Kingdom conducting intrusive covert surveillance in the field of serious and organized crime and has also served with the London Metropolitan Police Tactical Support Group (TSG).

LC currently provides training or risk mitigation options including providing Close Protection Services including Body guarding when transiting through any areas of potential hostility, enabling clients to conduct their business without need of further worry. Back to Key People